Hello and welcome (back) to the CheeseCake! Studio website! As part of our 15-year anniversary, we decided to revive our little space on the internet and revamp it to become a hub for everything CC! related. What better way to start this off than to launch our new spiffy, art-related domain; cheesecakestudio.art? (The .art totally makes it artsy.)

It’s been a wild ride and for me (TamTu) it has only been 6 years of observing the shenanigans and creativity of this group. But to think that prior to that, so much more happened with this group! For the anniversary, we dove into the history and are putting together a mega-post of everything the oldest, still-existing doujinshi circle in The Netherlands has been upto! So please look forward to it.

Our new t-shirts designed by 2Phan and produced by CHUBI!

Our itinerary for the 15-year anniversary celebration comes with the announcement of some upcoming projects, introducing some new members, and kicking off with that is a collaboration with clothing brand CHUBI for a T-shirt design.

This has been a project in the works since early 2019, and it officially goes on sale at Animecon 2019 (which happens to be today, at the time of writing!). We’re very excited to wear our brand new t-shirts, and will share more about the collaboration in a post of its own.

Slowly but surely we’re gonna add more to this website, because we have tons of things to show you, and lots of art.

Thank you for joining us in celebration, and continuing to support us on this artistic journey. Major shoutout to the Cakers of old, we hope you’re proud!

Much love and excitement,
SenpaiCake – TamTu

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